Historie - Skogstad Hotell
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~ Hospitality since 1905

Skogstad hotel has since 1905 been run by 5 generations. The first building that is the foundation of today’s Skogstad Hotell was finished in the year 1904.


Ola K. Kirkebøen started in 1905 with a general store and a small part of the business was a hotel. Ola was a farmer on Kyrkjebøn and he was married to Margit Andersdotter Viljugrein. He was the first chairman in Hemsedal 1897-1910 and was very respected in the village.


When the son Knut took over the farm they continued building down by the road and called it Skogstad. Ola ran the general store and the hotel with his wife. She was also the midwife in town for 40 years. This was often tiring, exhausting and during night time.


The daughter Margit and son in law Østen A. Torset, took over after Ola. They changed it to a hotel only and expanded in 1934. The traffic was increasing slowly but surely and around 1955 the next building was in use.


Their son Ola, married to Gudrun Olava Grøndalen, took over the business from 1950. He expanded with larger brick buildings in several stories and built cabins on the other side of the main road, to meet the new era of tourism that came to Hemsedal with the new ski resort. Gudrun arrived to the hotel from a big family in Grønndalen with 10 siblings. Gudrun was the hotel hostess up til 1986. Gudrun and Ola also bought Langeset farm, where they were more or less self-sufficient with chickens, pigs and cows.


Ola and Gudrun left the hotel business, and their son Øystein Asle Torset started running it together with his wife Gro Steimler Torset. They expanded the hotel further with a new annex. The hotel has now 83 hotel rooms. In this period they also built a swimming pool, conference center and a big night club.  Asle og Gro had two daughters, Marte og Mie, and the hotel was run by the family.


In 2007 the oldest daughter, Marte Torset, took over the daily operation of the hotel together with her fiance Lars Hansen.